Time Tracker for Teams

Time Tracker for Growing Teams

Manage Timesheets of each employee and team. Analyze Customized reports

Employee Time Tracker

Team Members

See how Trackivity empowers the employees of your enterprise.

Log in

The app allows single-click login through Google in addition to the basic sign-in option. One is able to connect their own official Google account for increased efficiency.

Add tasks

Add any task according to the available bandwidth. The app automatically updates the time when the task is initiated.

End tasks

Click on the ‘End Task’ button when you are done with your task and Trackivity automatically updates the same on your timesheet.

Timesheet Management Software
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Time tracker for Project Managers

Project Manager

See how Trackivity empowers Project Managers of your enterprise.

Add Tasks

Add and assign tasks according to the strengths of your team members.

View Progress

Easily view the progress of each task assigned through your universal dashboard.

Gather insights

The app automatically gathers relevant data regarding the productivity and efficiency of each employee.

Analyze data

Dedicated filters allow you to quickly group data according to set parameters. Colour-coded graphs help distinguish each parameter for increased efficiency.

Superuser Superpowers

See how Trackivity empowers the employees of your enterprise.

View Tasks and Progress

All tasks related to all teams can be quickly viewed through a single dashboard. Priorities can be set according to requirements for each task.

Gather Insights

An advanced admin panel provides detailed insights into the productivity and efficiency of each of your teams.

Analyze Data

An in-depth report highlights the main challenges of the enterprise in terms of efficiency. Dedicated graphical outputs help in identifying areas that require special attention.

Log Productivity

Maintain logs related to the productivity, efficiency and input of each individual employee or the team as a whole. Understand the metrics that are driving your business and optimize the same according to industry standards.

Track Time and Tasks
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