9 Benefits of Timesheet Software in a Startup or Business 

January 17, 2020 IN

Before we get into the importance of timesheet software, one needs to understand the very definition of the same. It goes without saying that productivity is one of the most important factors when it comes to an organization. Not only does it ensure that the company is functioning as intended but it also ensures that projects are completed on time and that no valuable resources are lost during the same. Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty that the optimal use of time is directly proportional to productivity. 

What is a timesheet software?

At first glance, one would perhaps say that a timesheet management software is one that keeps track of the time taken for each individual project. While that is partly true and for a while, that actually was the very definition of timesheet software, but now times have changed. A timesheet software just does not track time anymore, it actually tracks productivity. How do you ask? Well, for that we need to go back to a brief history of timekeeping as a whole in work-culture.

Timekeeping and management have always been an integral part of the system and that’s for good measure. Since salaries were standardized, there arose a need to track the productivity of each individual worker so that tasks can be easily assigned to them. However, without computers and other dedicated media, managers had to hire other employees specifically for this purpose. With the advent of personal computers, it was then possible to track individual projects and their time allocated digitally. However, this process wasn’t properly optimized and therefore, there were a lot of discrepancies related to the same. Soon people started understanding the benefits of dedicated timesheet management software and the difference it can make in the workplace. Soon, organizations all over the world slowly started shifting from archaic methods of time management to more modern techniques.

How can a timesheet software benefit your business?

So now that you have a basic idea of timesheet software, it’s time to look into the various ways that it can benefit your system. As you can already tell, it basically tracks the time taken by you to complete any given project. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. To properly understand the actual advantages provided by a timesheet software, it is important to look under the hood of the software itself.

Here are some of the ways a true timesheet software can benefit your organization:


  1. Intuitive Time Tracking :

  2. This one’s quite evident. A true timesheet software will track your time spent on projects accurately. This helps you understand the projects that take up more time and the ones that are a breeze. Equipped with this information, you are able to plan out your day better.

  3. Easy Task Management :

  4. A timesheet software makes managing your tasks a lot easier. For starters, you are able to add tasks at the starting of the day and then take them up accordingly. Simply start a task and the software will start tracking the project. Once the project is completed, click on end task and the software will register the time taken for the same. This way, you are able to plan out your day according to your priorities.

  5. Share Tasks :

  6. Once a task has been created, you can easily share it with your team members for collaboration. This allows you to handle projects more efficiently since collaborators can focus on their strengths rather than the entire project.

  7. Scheduled Tasks :

  8. In addition to adding the tasks to your dashboard, you are also able to assign and schedule the task to a specific team member. This allows you to focus on your tasks at hand while the team members can focus on theirs. Scheduling tasks beforehand eliminates the risk of missed deadlines and also streamlines the entire process. It also helps if the team is aware of their tasks at the start of the day so that they can allocate them properly.

  9. Exclusive Insights :

  10. A timesheet management software will provide you with exclusive insights into the shortcomings and the problem areas within your organization. It will graphically represent the productivity level of the entire team as a whole as well as individual efforts. Constant analysis and review of this data will provide you with an effective idea to curb productivity issues within your organization.

  11. Customization :

  12. As a project manager, you will be able to customize the various parameters of your dashboard in order to accurately understand the tasks that take the most time to complete. For example, you can toggle time taken according to projects or individuals or specific tasks such as design or development. This way project managers can easily understand the sectors that are pulling in most resources.

  13. Security :

  14. Let’s face it, security is a huge concern nowadays. Data security has become so important that corporations are spending a considerable amount of their budget just to save their data from unwanted parties. In such an environment, you do not want your data lying around in basic worksheets such as excel sheets. A timesheet software safely stores your data on their servers thus making it extremely hard for unwanted personnel to gain access to the same.

  15. Ease of Access :

  16. A timesheet software will display information based on the person accessing it. This makes it easier for project managers to view the progress of the team and also allows the team leader to assess the viability of the task. This makes it easy for every single entity of the organization to view and manage projects efficiently.

  17. Evolve :

  18. Lastly, timesheet software will allow its users to assess their productivity in relation to the other members of their team. This allows them to understand their shortcomings and focus more on the same. This also inadvertently increases the productivity of the team as a whole, therefore, allowing each individual to evolve and grow at their own pace.

There you go! These are some of the ways that proper timesheet management software can help your organization achieve optimal productivity and increase its output. Trackivity is a brand new timesheet management software that takes care of all your productivity and management need and more. The software makes use of a minimal UI and advanced algorithms to track the productivity of your team both as a whole and individually. Click here to try Trackivity for free today!